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Ark of Praise Outreach Ministry

This non-profit mission is accepting contributions.
Please help by sending all contributions to:

3201 North 28th Street , Milwaukee, WI 53216
(414) 873-1010

Thank you... ... May God Bless



Damita Osley, Youth Director

The "WHAT ABOUT ME" (W.A.M.P) program was founded in 1990 by Pastor Cornelia L. Armon. It is designed to help educate our youth fromages 2-12 years old against drugs, alcohol and gang activity.

Our commununities seem to have forgotten that before a child becomes a teenager, that child is a human being and their lives don't begin at age 12, but its life begins when it is conceived in the womb.

The W.A.M.P. teaches our youth that drugs and alcohol is a DESTROYER of a perfectly normal brain, a MURDERER of conduct, attitude, self-esteem and it has no love, tears, family or feeling.

Our goals and objectives are:

  • Promote public awarness to not only listen to their problem, but to act on them by promoting skills for our youth that will interest them on their level
  • Provide educational and recreational activities such as peer mentoring, tutoring, plays, skits and field trips.
  • Network throughout schools, daycare facilities and hospitals for youth and children.
Damita Osley
Jeanette Osley
Jeanette Osley





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