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Ark of Praise Outreach Ministry

Evangelist Cornelia L. Armon,
Pastor and Founder

Daily Confession from The Queen Of Gospel
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Sunday Bible Class: 10:45 am (biweekly)
Sunday Worship Service: 12 Noon
Wednesday Prayer Service: 6:00 PM

Bi-weekly Friday Praise &
Deliverance Service: 7:00 PM



Ark of Praise Outreach Ministry

New! "Get In the Revolution" Ministering message
(Approx. 4 minute, 7.60 MP3 file. Please be patient while the file downloads.)

News Article: Church Fights Drugs with Divine Help

Ark of Praise ChurchOur Location: 3201 North 28th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216
Phone: (414) 873-1010

Our Theme:
"Changing Lives to Change The World"
Our Motto:
"Establish The Need, and Then Help That Need"

The Christian Miracle Retreat Center
(C.M.R.C.) was founded by the Queen of Gospel, Pastor C.L. Armon in 1983. Guided and controlled by the Holy Spirit, this counseling center's mission is to reach souls that are lost to the knowledge of God. The C.M. R. C. consists of licensed and trained ministers and volunteers who have been collectively joined together with a commitment to do their best in perfecting our communities by providing assistance and counseling to the drug and alcohol addicted, teens in crisis, young mothers, marital relationships and the unemployed just to name a few.

—Jeanette Osley, Director

The Ark of Praise Outreach Church is a non-denominational church with a pentecostal experience. Founded in 1986 by Pastor Beene, the Lord ministered to her and called her to pastor souls that thirst after righteousness and yearn to know and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Through her teaching and preaching many lives of individuals have been touched and inspired. The Lord has blessed the Ark of Praise with over 400 members to date. In doing all the above, we believe we must first start with "self" of the individual, the family of the individual, the neighbor of the individual and then into the
entire community.

—Pastor C.L. Armon, Founder

Evangelist Dana Ruff,
Prophetess Jeanette Osley,
Lay Pastor
Co-Pastor Dana Ruff




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